Technical Molded Products, Inc. operates in a state-of-the-art facility in Fort Collins, Colorado. Computer-controlled machines give the company a closed-loop process, SPI capabilities and consistent shot-to-shot production. Equipment is updated on a regular basis to ensure that Technical Molded Products maintains its superior production capabilities, which also gives the company the competitive pricing edge that customers like to see.

Production Equipment:

  • 55-ton Toyo
  • 55-ton Van Dorn
  • 75-ton Van Dorn
  • 85-ton Van Dorn
  • 110-ton Toyo
  • 120-ton Van Dorn
  • 150-ton Van Dorn
  • 170-ton Van Dorn
  • 200-ton Toyo
  • 230-ton Van Dorn
  • 300-ton Van Dorn
  • 300-ton Van Dorn
  • 400-ton Van Dorn
  • 500-ton Van Dorn
  • Support equipment includes sonic welders, chillers, thermolators, dryers and grinders.

Tool Room:

  • Bridgeport 1 1/2 H.P. Mill
  • Leblond 15"x54" lathe
  • Summit 6" engine lathe
  • Chevalier 18" surface grinder
  • Support equipment

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